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The Pursuit Training Center Story

Strength & Conditioning Saved our Lives. Growing up as L.A. Hardcore kids we skated, played sports, and listened to heavy music.  As we grew older we found training as a safe haven for mental health, a positive outlet to relieve stress, and a way push us outside of our comfort zone.  We believe that comfort is the enemy, and the ultimate killer of dreams-the Pursuit never stops.

How We Came Together

For years we watched gyms waste people's time and money as they hired low level trainers who had little regard for their clients.  Mainly because these trainers were ill-educated, under paid, and did not emphasize training, nutrition and consistency as the means to transformation.  Anyone with an internet connection can come up with exercises, and figure out how to make someone sweaty.  But the difference between working out and training is a goal pursued through consistent action. The difference is a program that pairs progressive overload and nutrition to achieve an end result. There are no short cuts, or simple solutions.  You have to fall in love with the process.  You have to fall in love with the Pursuit.

The Birth of Pursuit Training

In 2016 we had built a successful online training and coaching business, called Chasing Muscle.  That said, we could see that the market was missing a gym that catered to those people who were serious about training.  Whether you were a weekend warrior, a power lifter, an Olympic lifter, an athlete, a former athlete, a hunter, or simply someone that takes their training serious there wasn't a place where only the serious trained.  There wasn't a place were every single person was there to put in work, get uncomfortable and be better when they left.

This meant we had to create a place that had the most unique equipment, the best resources related to nutrition coaching and education, and a team of professionals who literally wake up and go to sleep thinking about how to make their clients, members and athletes better.  A team of studs that held themselves too the highest standard.

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In Their Words

We believe that comfort is the Enemy. Pushing beyond comfort in the gym, will transform the rest of your life. As a member of the pursuit community you are committed to transforming your body and mind through sound coaching, training and nutrition.

Pursuit is More than just a gym

  • Real results are earned through hard work, consistency, and daily discipline.
  • Real results are sustained by falling in love with the process and your commitment to a lifestyle change.
  • Real results are built on a foundation of Nutrition, Training, and Hormone Balance 一 The Health Trifecta.