We believe that comfort is the Enemy.
Pushing beyond comfort in the gym, will transform the rest of your life. 

We are an old school values strength and conditioning facility lead by top tier strength and conditioning professionals. As a member of the Pursuit community you are committed to transforming your body and mind through sound coaching, training and nutrition.


We built this place for anyone who wants to train seriously; which is why we have sourced the best equipment, hired the most passionate, educated and skilled staff, and keep our gym exclusive to those who align with our ethos.

Traditional gym models and supplement companies have built their businesses on exploiting people’s ignorance. Traditional fitness clubs are set at a low price and sell a high volume of memberships, knowing that 85 percent of their members will not show up. Supplement companies and fad diet companies have exploited people by pimping products and magic pill ideologies on the 85 percent of the populous, who is ignorant. This cycle of lies leaves people frustrated, discouraged, and stuck in a constant battle with their self-image. 

The reason that diets, supplements, and gym memberships have all failed people is they are only a small component to complete health. Typically, diets and gym memberships are thought of as the path to a final destination. In reality, the pursuit of health, fitness, and an ideal physique is an eternal process. If we intend to change the industry and make a real impact in our members' lives, we must make nutrition and training a congruent solution. In turn, our members will perform as well as they look and develop the skills necessary to maintain their health and fitness for the rest of their lives.


Pursuit Training Center

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