Intentional Living

Hey, Pursuit fam!

Coach Niko here. I hope you are having a great day. I wanted to talk to you all about…

Intentional living and why it is so important. Many times in class you might hear me say, “Move with intent.”  There is a reason for my madness. I say this because understanding why you move is more important than the move itself. Let me explain.

Knowing why you move is more important than the movement itself. When you do anything in life with intent, you connect the mind-body connection pathway and strengthen it. With repetition, you get stronger and it gets easier. That connection is growing every time you do another round. I had a client the other day say, “The first round I am kinda slow, but then by round two I am flying I feel like. Is that weird?”

The reason for this specified feeling is that her mind-body connection during the first round may have not done certain movements in a while and had to reconnect but by the time she got back to that same movement her pathway had been sparked and she was as she said, “Flying through”. I teach a kids class as most of you know and the best thing I have found to help them get a movement down is saying it as they do it. Words are powerful and the more we give ourselves that auditory aid it will help those pathways start to spark. Pretty soon they are flying through the exercise.

The gym is just the stepping stone. This is about building a healthy life in and out of the gym. Being disciplined by coming to class and making sure you give 100% will spill into your life and automatically get you into that “get shit done” attitude. When you move with intent in the gym you soon move with intent outside the gym.

Have a great day! See you in class!

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