What are the primary components for a happy life?

What’s up Coach Niko here! August! WOW! I can’t believe it is here. Last official month of Summer. I know it has been a weird summer and a lot of things were closed off.  We all are seeing what matters and during this time. I was happy to be able to sit and think about my primary components of a happy life. What was important to us?

This is what I choose:

  1. Meditation or being centered is the energy that makes up my body. How you treat your self is how your life will be. Studies have shown the first 15 minutes you are awake are crucial for how your day is going to be. Like when you drop something and you say, “One of those days” that is programming your body/mind to follow suit all day.
  2. Healthy food is huge because it is the physical fuel for the body to run on. If I don’t eat through the day it does what your car does when it runs out of gas. Slows down and eventually has to stop. Yes, there are the days you power through but that is just setting up bad habits to break later. If I want my body to run at the full potential I have to fuel for it.
  3. Exercise of course. At least 30 mins a day… but I encourage you to find something you would love to do and go for 45 mins. I know a great way to get into exercise is Kickboxing or boxing for fitness. It is stress releasing and fun! Why wouldn’t you like to hit something after a long day of work or get started by kicking some ass. Control your morning… control the day.

These are mine and you may have some different things that help you out and get you through the day. Whatever it is you have to stay consistent. Day after day we must work to get paid. Happy Monday! Let’s get this week.

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