Group Classes

Everything you do in here, makes everything out there better.


The Workout

The 5 block, 60 minute workout is a systematic functional training program where you will work with kettlebells, dumbbells, bands, medicine balls, slam balls, benches, TRX rings, pull up racks, DC blocks and body weight exercises to get the work done.  There are 7 workouts a week, designed by our staff of fitness professionals, using variable tempos, time, intensity, repetitions as you move through pressing, pulling, pushing, squatting, lunging, and jumping exercises.  Each class is lead by a coach and can easily scale to each persons level of fitness.  Expect to work hard, and be ready to get pushed out of your comfort zone.

The Coaching

No matter where you are starting from, a great coach is the difference.  In every class your coach is going to push you and guide you through the workout by demonstrating the movements, explaining the exercise grouping, adjusting the movements to accommodate your personal level of fitness, and tweaking the intensity to ensure each individual has a a great training session.  Expect high energy and intentional coaching in every class.


The Training Program

Pursuit Fit is a high energy and systematic functional training program designed by our staff of exercise scientists and fitness professionals.  The program will push you outside your comfort zone, and drive results.

Over the course of each year you will experience four different 12 week training cycles: muscle building (hypertrophy), metabolic conditioning (fat loss), Cardiovascular (conditioning), and Strength. 

Everything you do in the gym will translate outside the gym to help you move better, look better, and feel better as you take life head on each an every day.

The 6 Core Movements

At the core of our program is the Kettlebell, which is one of the most diverse functional tools on the planet. Although there are tons of ways to use the kettlebell, we use them to improve range of motion, strength, balance, and coordination. You can expect to see these 6 core KB movements looped in to your program: 1.) The Squat, 2.) The Swing, 3.) The Press, 4.) The Clean, 5.) The Snatch, 6.) The Turkish Get Up

zack kb 2

The Community

We only ask one thing: "Be Better When You Leave".

We are an old school values gym that honors hard work, humility and effort.

As a member of the Pursuit community you are committed to transforming your body and mind through sound coaching, training and nutrition.

We can't wait to meet you!