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Nutrition + Training + Hormone Balance = Results

Most of us have the same goals…. We want to look better, feel better, and perform better. Yet after years of dabbling with different diets and programs, people still aren’t where they want to be. They feel that no matter what they do, they always find themselves back at square one searching for the next best thing.

As a result of this constant lose weight-gain weight cycle:

People don’t know how to eat or train for their goals

They’ve tanked their metabolism and crashed their hormones.

They don’t know how to integrate healthy practices into their life that drive sustainable results.

If this sounds like you, understand that the industry has intentionally taken advantage of you for far too long by pimping products and selling magic solutions that don’t exist. In return, all that has done is burnt a hole in your pocket, left you frustrated and confused, and ultimately further away from reaching your goals. However, those experiences can be valuable learning lessons in what NOT to do. 

You don’t need to extreme diet, be a slave to the gym, buy a ton of supplements, or sacrifice your livelihood to reach your goals. Doing so certainly might get you the results you’re after initially… but what's the point if the journey is not enjoyable or sustainable? 

Real results are earned through hard work, consistency, and daily discipline.

Real results are sustained by falling in love with the process and your commitment to a lifestyle change. 

Real results are built on a foundation of Nutrition, Training, and Hormone Balance 一 The Health Trifecta. 

We’ve recognized that people aren’t where they want to be because they don’t have a system. They don’t have an understanding of prioritization and are unable to differentiate between Big Rocks and Pebbles. This is largely due to the incredible challenge people are faced when trying to navigate the health and fitness space. There is an abundance of information out there… Some of it is good, yet a lot of it is misleading and bottom line, bullshit. So as a person looking to take control of their health…. How do you know where to start? Who can you trust? Where do you go? What do you do? 

The Health Trifecta

This is why we created a system that is simple, consumable, and bottom line drives results for all of our clients that is the Health Trifecta: 

1. Nutrition  2. Training  3. Hormone Balance 

Most standard programs come up short, because they fail to bridge the gap between all 3 components. However, we know that to get the best results… to look great, feel great, and perform great… We can't pick and choose… We need all 3.

Coaching Experience:

Education, leadership, and accountability from your coach fosters the environment for trust, opportunity, and change. When working with one of our coaches, they will create a personalized 1:1 coaching experience tailored to you based on your story, your journey, and your goals. 

We have a powerhouse team of Registered Dietitians, Sports Nutritionists, Elite Trainers and partnerships with Doctors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors who work together to support you on your journey to becoming your best you.

Trainer & Registered Dietitian, RDN


Regardless of your goal 一lose weight, build muscle, have more energy, get stronger一 nutrition is a key component to your ability to reach it. Unfortunately, most people have a huge disconnect between what they are doing vs. what they are trying to accomplish. They focus too much on the small, minute details, and too little on the things that matter most. 

We use this nutrition hierarchy with our clients to clearly outline the order of operations. You have to master the basics first, which is where most people go wrong. Everywhere you turn there are articles titled "10 Best Foods for Shredded Abs!" or "Eat These 5 Foods to Build Muscle Faster" The industry presents ideas that are easy to turn into small sound bites that are "packageable" and sellable. The problem is that these claims do not have context, which causes people to run into trouble. They try to flip the pyramid upside down, start "majoring in the minors" and end up not making any progress. 

The reason why so many people fail, get stuck in the trap of yo-yo dieting, and spend valuable years of their life frustrated, is because they never fully adopt good nutrition as part of their lifestyle. They only integrate the habits for the length of whatever diet they are trying at the time. As soon as that diet ends, so do those good habits. Nutrition doesn't have an end date to it. It's forever. 

Long term, none of the other stuff matters unless you have a solid base to build on. For some, this can arguably be the toughest component to master. Cultivating new healthy behaviors and eliminating unhealthy behaviors is not easy, but it is always worth it.

Because nutrition is extremely individual, there is no one-size fits all approach.

We believe that nutrition coaching needs to be dynamic an flexible. There isn’t one superior method or approach to nutrition. The best approach is the one that works for you based on your knowledge, experience, and goals. Regardless of what walk of life you’re in, you and your coach work together to develop an appropriate strategy that you can confidently execute. 

Our Nutrition team is led by our Registered Dietitian, Kerianne Los, with support from our Sports Nutritionist and owner, Samson Jagoras. Our goal is not to keep you as a client forever. Our goal is to provide you with the education, support, and resources that you need to develop the skills to be successful on your own for years to come.

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Certified Sports Performance Trainer


For many people, exercising and training are synonymous. It means going to the gym, lifting weights, going for a run -- whatever it is that gets the blood flowing and heart pumping. However, in actuality, exercising and training are very different things. The main difference is not the activity itself, but rather the intention and approach to the activity. 

The fundamental goal of exercising is to keep you healthy. In its most basic form, it is something that “enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health.” Exercising is a great thing, and we all need some form of it to lead a healthy life. However, the intention behind it is vastly different from training. 

The fundamental goal of training is to improve at something and ultimately condition yourself to operate at a higher level. Training requires focus, work, and strategy. 

One is not superior to the other, it simply comes down to your goals. If your goal is just to maintain health, simply exercising will generally be sufficient for you. However, if your goal is to improve your body composition, get stronger, and more athletic… then you need to be training.

Training requires having a sound plan and program to follow.

Going to the gym, throwing around weights, and crossing your fingers that you’ll get results is not training. It is just another form of exercise. This is why there are so many frustrated people at the gym. They are hoping to achieve the results that only training can offer, but are inadvertently exercising instead.

At Pursuit, we TRAIN.

In fact, the name “Pursuit Training Center” was actually built around the ideology that the pursuit of bettering and improving yourself never stops. That’s what training is right? This is why we are incredibly passionate about sharing our knowledge and love for training with others so they can experience the transformative role it has on all areas of your life.

Hormone Balance

You could have the perfect nutrition plan and the best training program, however if your hormones are out of balance and your metabolism has downregulated… you will not get the results that you want no matter how hard you push or grind. 

Imagine purchasing a car without checking under the hood or taking it for a test drive. You take it out for the first time, and almost immediately, the check-engine light comes on. You ignore it and keep driving. The more you drive, the worse it runs. You know something isn’t working right, but you continue to drive it anyways, day in and day out. Eventually, you blow the transmission and the car breaks down, simply because you ignored the problem that the operating system

was telling you about for months. Had you ran simple diagnostics and got a tune up, this small issue could’ve been resolved before turning into a massive problem. 

Your body is no different. It can only take so much. The more you push, something eventually has got to give, and it is going to be your hormones and your metabolism.

Some of the most common culprits include: 

  • Chronic Stress 
  • Chronic Dieting 
  • Over-Exercising 
  • Over-Stimulation 
  • Sleep Deprivation 
  • Poor Quality Diet 
  • Sedentary lifestyle/Inactivity 
  • Being Overweight 
  • Overall Poor lifestyle 

This is especially true for the chronic yo-yo dieter that spends a lifetime in the “lose-weight-gain weight cycle”. Fad diets and extreme programs may work in the short-term, but in reality you’re only digging yourself a deeper grave… leading to more health issues, metabolic damage and a great amount of frustration.

Here’s the good part: YOU ARE NOT BROKEN.

These things can be resolved with time, a concerted effort, the appropriate plan, and a lifestyle redesign… That’s the unsexy truth that the mainstream fitness industry doesn’t want to tell you because it doesn’t sell well. 

This is why we have all of our clients get bloodwork done. We want to know exactly what their starting point is and what we need to work on. These important internal markers help us develop the action plan and be certain that we’re designing the best training program and nutrition protocol for the client.

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What's Included In a Personal Training Membership?

Pursuit Membership

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  • One Hour Personal Training Sessions
  • Fully Managed Nutrition
  • Unlimited Access to Our Open Gym
  • Proper Form & Technique Training from Your Coach
  • The Accountability You Need for Success