Physical Therapy

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Train to be the best

When you train your body hard, injuries or nagging pains can creep up on you. Whether it be an acute injury you suffered in or outside the gym, or a nagging tendinitis that you were hoping would go away, it can feel like injuries are holding you back from your goals and keeping you from training the way you’re capable. Our licensed physical therapist is highly skilled in tailoring an individualized rehabilitation program focused on returning you to your previous activity levels and crushing your goals. Rehab takes time, effort and consistency but we are here to partner with you, provide any resources you need and make the transition back to your training programming seamless and successful!

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Movement Analysis

Our PT will perform an in-depth assessment of your movement and analyze patterns. A treatment plan will be developed to address any movement dysfunction to reduce pain, correct imbalances, rehabilitate from any current injuries and help you reduce your future injury risk!

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Indivudualized Treatment

All rehabilitation packages include a carefully designed rehab program individualized to any findings discovered during the examination and tailored to your needs for the most effective progress toward your goals. The program will adapt and grow as you improve and will ultimately blend seamlessly with your current fitness regimen to best integrate you back into your lifestyle!

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Dry Needling

Intramuscular dry needling is an effective, safe and well-established method of directly addressing painful or stiff regions of the body with the intent of restoring optimal movement in the area. Our PT will perform an assessment of the area, determine if dry needling is appropriate and warranted, select the appropriate method and pair your needling results with a specific movement plan to optimize the outcome of the session.

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Manual Therapy

Skilled manual therapy focusing on mobilizing stiff joints, decreasing soft tissue sensitivity and encouraging optimal movement in affected areas can be extremely beneficial in calming an inflamed area, and can help facilitate more rapid return to activity and improved participation in your current training!

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Return To Play

You’re an athlete recovering from surgery or injury, you’ve completed formal rehabilitation elsewhere, and you’ve regained your range of motion. Now what? Are you ready to step on the field of competition immediately? If not, a physical therapist skilled and knowledgeable in both rehabilitation and in strength and conditioning/ performance can help you bridge the gap between clinic and sports. An individualized program that considers all the factors related to your healing injury, but is designed to push you above and beyond traditional rehab to ensure successful return to sport at a high level. Intelligent return to sport is often the difference between a hesitant athlete and a confident one. Rates of re-injury are highest in athletes who have not fully recovered all aspects of performance post-injury, and skilled return-to-play guidance can help mitigate that risk!

Meet Dr. Micah

Micah Maly, PT, DPT is a licensed physical therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) who specializes in rehabilitation of the injured fit adult and has extensive experience in strength and conditioning in the injured or recovering athlete or fitness enthusiast! His approach is fitness-forward and pro-participation. His objective is to KEEP you active, not to tell you to sit out. He collaborates with his clients to keep them active and working at as high a level as possible while simultaneously addressing the underlying problems contributing to your pain or injury so that, not only do you achieve relief of symptoms, you experience lasting resolution of the root cause of the problem.

Meet Dr. Katie

As your physical therapist, I believe it’s my job to give you the tools and education to empower you for long term success. Knowledge is power, and the more education I can provide to my clients, the more they can understand injury prevention and reoccurrence. I utilize a variety of treatment methods to address your individualized needs to support your goals. Our goal, together, will be to address underlying causes, optimize movement and develop a treatment plan so you can live an active lifestyle.

Fitness Continuity

We believe your rehabilitation should blend seamlessly with your training; our physical therapists are also fitness professionals that prioritize your wellness above and beyond the scope of your specific injury - so that you spend more time on the things that actually move the needle.

Superior Outcomes

Physical Therapy at Pursuit gets you back to your desired activities sooner and at a higher level of performance than a traditional clinical rehab setting.

Risk Reduction

If you stop your rehab journey at "good enough," you've only got back to the situation where the injury happened in the first place. At Pursuit, we will take you farther into the process to insure you are not taking on unnecessary risk of reinjury - the job's not done if you get hurt again immediately!

Physical THerapy Pricing

6 Week Plan

$785 - $2,105
  • 1x/week is $785
  • 2x/week is $1445
  • 3x/week is $2105
  • *Paid in Full or 2 Installments

8 Week Plan

$1,025 - 2,765
  • 1x/week is $1025
  • 2x/week is $1885
  • 3x/week is $2765
  • *Paid in Full or 2 Installments
Best Pricing

12 Week Plan

$1,445 - $4,085
  • 1x/week is $1445
  • 2x/week is $2765
  • 3x/week is $4085
  • *Paid in Full or 2 Installments

Dry Needling

3 Sessions

  • 3 Total Sessions
  • *Paid in Full
Member Favorite

6 Sessions

  • 6 Total Sessions
  • *Paid In Full

9 Sessions

  • 9 Total Sessions
  • Paid in Full

Return To Sport

8 Week Plan

Return To Sport
  • 2x/week is $1805
  • 3x/week is $2545
  • *Paid in Full or 2 Installments

12 Week Plan

Return To Sport
  • 2x/week is $2545
  • 3x/week is $3905
  • *Paid in Full or 2 Installments
Best Pricing

16 Week Plan

Return To Sport
  • 2x/week is $3485
  • 3x/week is $5165
  • *Paid in Full or 2 Installments

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