Sports Performance

Become a dominant ATHLETE

Train to be the best

You have goals. Whether they are making varsity as a Junior in high school, achieving a college scholarship, or playing professionally, we want to help you reach them! Our team of highly skilled and experienced coaches wants to help you take your game to another level by using our expertise and pushing you to be the best athlete you can be. It won’t be easy, but it will always be worth it! No matter your sport, no matter your age, and no matter your experience, we want to give you the tools to improve your game, stay healthy, and reach your goals!

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Speed kills. But unless you have the ability to decelerate that speed, and then reaccelerate, it isn’t going to apply to your sport as well. We take out the B.S. and add in proven techniques and practices to help you stop and go on a dime. 

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Endurance TRAINING

How good are you in the 4th quarter? If your endurance and conditioning isn’t on point, you will fall apart late in the game. When your competition is fading, we want you to get stronger and sharper as the game goes on.

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Strength is your engine. It is the base of the athlete and is going to be what drives the body. We get you stronger in all planes of motion so you can impose your will on game day.

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Power and Explosion

Power= Force x Velocity. This is where elite athletes are made. Strength is your base, but how fast can you make that strength be, and how quickly can you access it? Athletics is all about developing power so each movement you take on the field or court separates you from your opponent. 

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Sports Performance

Our staff is made up of highly skilled and qualified coaches with backgrounds in multiple sports. Having experience at the college level, we all know what it takes to get to the next level, and we want to help you do that! Our team wants to show you a new level of training that allows you to reach your goals and take your game to a new level!

Performance Sessions

Each 60-minute Athlete Session includes a mixture of:

  • Compound & Olympic Lifts
  • Bar and dumbbell work
  • Hypertrophy work (Strength building and muscle)
  • Auxiliary & uniliateral work (Muscle balance)
  • Isolation work (Improvement)
  • Conditioning / High Intensity Interval Training (Metabolism build and fat burn)
  • Performance Training (plyometrics, speed training, jump training, agility training)

The demand of sports and physical activities are constantly improving. At Pursuit, our athletic program improves an athlete’s strength, speed, power, quickness, agility, and activity-specific endurance. While building a lean athletic physique.


The coaches at Pursuit help athletes focus on results. This reduces the valuable time wasted on unproductive and inefficient workouts.


Executing exercises correctly is crucial for getting the results you want.The combination of strength and skills will help athletes stay ahead of the competition.


Our team will works with athletes to not only teach them the proper techniques, but to prevent injuries by increasing balance, core strength, and flexibility.

Sports Performance Pricing

1x / week

$149 per month
  • Once per week
  • Charges monthly

2x / week

$249 per month
  • Twice per week
  • Charges monthly

3x / week

$339 per month
  • Three times per week
  • Charges monthly

4x / week

$399 per month
  • Four times per week
  • Charges monthly

5x / week

$489 per month
  • Five times per week
  • Charges monthly


  • Two times per week
  • 8+ Years Old
  • Charges monthly
  • *$99/month for 1x/wk

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3x / week Early Reigistration

10% discount
  • Paid in Full

4x / week Early Reigistration

10% discount
  • Paid in Full

5x / week Early Reigistration

10% discount
  • Paid in Full