Meet Coach

Anna Merrill

Sports Performance Coach & Personal Trainer

My mission, to help you unlock the best version of yourself. Not through a quick fix program, hitting a PR, or losing ‘x’ amount of pounds . But a journey of ups and downs, pushing the limits, and self-reflection to create long lasting change. I believe change starts from within and what holds us back are the stories we create. It’s our own self-limiting beliefs and the little voice in our head saying ‘I can’t,” or “I’ll start next week.” My mission is to help that voice fade away and for you to whisper to yourself “This is for me,” and “Yes, I can.” This is the moment you’ll discover that the person you thought you were is no match for the person you actually are and not even close to the person you are about to become.  Let’s change the narrative together.


I grew up in Fort Collins in an active family. My childhood was filled with outdoor adventures, going on runs with my parents, playing sports in the backyard with my five brothers, and the gym was a part of the daily routine. Athletics filled my school years, I began my yoga practice at 16, and soccer carried me through college.

Then, life brought a couple hard years. My daughter battled a childhood cancer, I went through a difficult divorce, and I completely lost myself. I felt empty and I needed strength in every sense of the word. I turned to the gym. I knew with physical strength, the emotional and mental strength would come. I myself had a coach who challenged me, who believed in me, and who helped me to see I was far more capable than I could have imagined.

I’ve competed in bodybuilding and CrossFit. I’ve been a personal trainer, a CrossFit coach, and a yoga instructor. And now, I am here as your coach, committed to cultivating a life of health through movement, mental resilience, and unwavering support. .

My why? It’s you. It’s connection. It’s empowerment. It’s growth. It’s creating an impact.

“Connection is why we’re here. It is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.” - Brene Brown. Connection is one of my personal values and top values as a coach. Whether it is a moment in the gym celebrating a PR that was never thought possible; being there as a shoulder to lean on  through life; or a failed rep, a moment on the yoga mat full of tears and a meaningful conversation afterwards, I treasure these connections and the relationships that will last.

Embark on the journey with me. Without you, the journey is incomplete.


Anna Merrill