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Keri Los


My mission is to put a stop the diet & fitness culture bullshit by using comprehensive coaching and education. I believe in keeping things simple, prioritizing what actually matters, and always teaching the WHY behind everything that we do. This creates confident individuals who feel empowered and in control of their health, rather than feeling discouraged,  burnt out, and broken.


I spent years dabbling with the newest diets and whatever the sexiest products on the market were at the time. I developed an awful relationship with my food, the gym, and my body. I was  living in constant fear that if my diet wasn’t perfect, or if I missed one day of training, or didn’t eat super “healthy” every day that I would get fat and lose all of my progress. I was a cardio queen and a slave to the gym training for multiple hours a day, twice a day. Looking back, I don’t know how I did it. This unhealthy obsessive behavior stripped me of any joy associated with nutrition and fitness that I once had. It wasn’t fun anymore. As a result, I threw my internal health way out of balance, tanked my metabolism, and developed a thyroid disorder that rocked my world. This was one of the most pivotal moments in my journey. I was sick of the bullshit and chasing the instant gratification. I was sick of feeling like I was working so hard, and not seeing the results I wanted. I knew that I needed a massive change and reality check.

I committed to truly learning and understanding how the human body works. I then completed my bachelor’s degree in Food, Nutrition, & Dietetics from Illinois State University, and later completed my postgraduate studies and Dietetic Internship through the University of Northern Colorado. I made a commitment to myself to use my education and experiences to help others who may be struggling in the same way I was.

I love to work with individuals who are ready and eager to learn. People who understand that this shit is not always going to be easy, but they are fully committed to changing their lives and doing the work it takes to get there.

Many of the people I work with are coming off of 5, 10, even 20+ years of the yo-yo dieting train, and I understand how challenging it can be to change your perspective of food. We spend intentional time reprogramming, working through all the beliefs, habits, and rules around food to truly achieve “food freedom.” Understand that you CAN eat pizza and have the body of your dreams.

As a coach and dietitian, my priority is to help you build the confidence, skills, and methods to not only get results, but sustain them.

Nothing makes me more proud than seeing someone have an ultimate breakthrough with their food and fitness mindset and become the healthiest version of themself. 

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Keri Los