Meet Coach

Rosemary Sponable


My purpose is to help young girls, women, and even men understand that the gym is a safe place. The gym can be a hard place to go to as a woman/girl and I want to help teach girls and others that the gym is a place to have fun, build confidence, and get
strong. In building this confidence with others it can change the way people look at gyms.


I started with gymnastics at a young age and moved on to softball during middle school. In high school I did cheerleading and that's when I fell in love with the gym. Over summer my coach would have us do a crossfit style workout and I loved always adding on weight and seeing how much I could lift. I started going to the gym on my own and made my own workouts. I saw myself getting strong and wanting to learn more about weightlifting. My senior junior year in high school I squatted 315 lbs. Was it full depth, absolutely not but it boosted my confidence and I wanted to keep going.

I went to Urbana University, a DII school in Urbana, Ohio, a very small town. I signed onto the Acrobatics and Tumbling team, with an athletic scholarship. This sport was “made for women, by women”. It shows that women can be strong and powerful. I received a Second Team ALL Conference title by the Mountain East Conference. When Covid happened Urbana fully closed, and we were not able to finish out our competition year. I had to find a new college. I signed onto an Acrobatics and Tumbling team at Lander University in Greenwood, South Carolina. I was a full time student studying exercise science, and a student athlete training all year around. I received two Second Team All Conference titles and a First Team All Conference title from Conference Carolinas. I won team MVP by Lander University. I competed at Nationals junior year with my 5 element acro group. Senior year my 6 element acro group won a conference title. I also kept on powerlifting and won my first USAPL meet squatting 350 lbs, benching 181 lbs, and deadlifting 330 lbs. I competed in my second powerlifting meet my senior year winning my first USPA meet. I won a national squat record twice with 385 lbs and 402 lbs, almost 3x my body weight. I benched 215 lbs and deadlift 365 lbs. I am a nationally ranked powerlifter and collegiate athlete. During all of this I also completed over 200 hours of internships to graduate. I worked with all ages at a Physical Therapy Clinic and I worked with Lander University’s Strength and Conditioning coaches, creating programs and coaching athletes. I graduated from Lander University with a bachelors in Exercise Science. I have surrounded myself with strong women who helped make me a strong woman, physically and mentally and I want to share what I have learned with others to help them grow.


Rosemary Sponable