What Do Fitness Success Stories Have in Common? Part 2

Getting fit and achieving your lifestyle goals is an incredibly personal, emotional, and life-changing process. It looks different for every single person, and the people who are able to discover what really works for them are the ones able to maintain a consistent lifestyle. In our last blog, we discussed some of the tactics and habits that the people in success stories have in common. We wanted to see if they had secrets. The fact is, they have several things in common, but they all come through in different ways. In today’s blog, we’re going to share a couple more strategies that seem to help people achieve their goals.

What the People in Fitness Success Stories Have in Common – Continued!

  • They do workouts they actually like.

We’ve all done workouts because friends or family swore they were amazing and we would love them. We’ve done workouts because they’re advertised to get us to our goals faster than others. At the end of the day, the only workouts you’ll do long enough to see results are the ones you truly enjoy. When the weather’s bad or you’re sick, you need to look forward to your workout at least a little. Otherwise, you’ll have to force yourself to work out, which is a battle you’ll eventually lose no matter what you do. Even worse, you might disqualify yourself entirely by coming to the false conclusion that you generally hate working out. The only people who hate working out are the people who haven’t found an exercise they love. Do what makes you happy, and you won’t be able to stop. The muscle tone will be a byproduct.

  • They build sustainable habits.

It’s fun to throw yourself into something new and do it like crazy for a while. However, life always creeps back in, and it can be easy to lose ground very quickly. You have to build sustainable habits that allow you to do what is best for your body without taking unhealthy, ineffective shortcuts. That means you have to sit down and honestly assess what you can fit into your life. At Pursuit, we fully understand the discouragement of looking at your schedule and feeling like you have no options. That is why our certified personal trainer team takes the time to define sustainable, resilient¬†schedules for our clients. You need to feel like you can at least make it to the gym – we can take it from there.

  • They focus on how their food and fitness decisions make them feel.

Many people get into fitness because they want to look in the mirror and see something different. They don’t expect the boosted energy, increased satisfaction, and improved sleep that come along with exercising. For many of them, these are the reasons they keep working out – their physical appearance becomes secondary. This is a healthy place to be. At the end of the day, an active lifestyle that gives you the physical and mental boost you need to take life head-on is worth it.

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