“I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time.” -Michael Phelps

I could talk to you all about science, anatomy, sports performance, or nutrition stuff and I most likely will. But, today, that is not what I wanted to talk to you about. Today, we will talk about something a little fluffier (it’s my Psychology minor showing up).

For you just joining me, or not sure who this random Coach Dani is…  I previously worked as a Sport Performance Coach at Pursuit. Currently, I work remotely as an online coach, friend and blogger. I recently moved to Indianapolis to pursue a career as a researcher (I do science ALL the time) and expand my skill set. It has been a scary, fun, hard, and an uncomfortable transition.

Which that is exactly what I want to talk to you about, the uncomfortable.

Being uncomfortable is a common theme in everyone’s life. We have all felt it before. Whether it’s in our clothes, when we had to break up with someone, when your coworkers are talking about their personal life a little too in-depth, and for some people… when they step into a gym.

I have had an ongoing conversation with many friends, clients, and strangers about how they just don’t think they can go to the into gym, lift free weight or try that exercise routine because it is uncomfortable.

There’s the beef cake body builder in the corner with his 405-back squat, the ripped barbie doll with her perfectly matching sports bra and leggings, doing god knows what on that that cable machine. Then there’s the powerlifters, the cardio bunnies, the functional fitness fanatics… and then there’s you… new to it all and not even sure where to start.

It. Is. Uncomfortable.

I will let you in on a secret though, we were all there once. When I first started lifting I was compared to a baby deer coming out of the womb. “Just limbs everywhere”, were the exact words used to describe my lifting approach. Now, I have people asking me how I do what I do. Which is completely flattering, but it all comes from being uncomfortable , learning and trying multiple times, and failing a few thousand.

So how do we get over the feeling of being a fish out of water?

  • Remember Your Goals!
    • We are not in the gym to prove ourselves to another person. We are there to improve ourselves.
  • Bring a Buddy!
    • It’s a lot more fun when you have someone to lift with or make you feel as though you are not alone. Adding a buddie cuts down on the intimidating atmosphere.
  • Workout at Home/Apartment Gym!
    • Build up your confidence by working out in the comfort of your own home or a smaller gym first. This will allow you feel like you have a handle on things before you decide step into a gym.
  • Get a Trainer!
    • I may be biased, but with the right trainer and training (*cough* Pursuit Coach *cough*), you will feel like you can take on the ENTIRE world. A trainer’s goal should be to make you a better athlete/client and teach you so you can be confident enough not to need them one day.
  • Find the Right Gym!
    • The atmosphere about a gym is important, if it does not fit your style, your goals, or who you are or want to be, it will not make you feel comfortable. Find the gym that fits your wants, your goals and YOU. Personally, the gym is my sanctuary, so I always make sure that I find a gym that is going to make me feel at home.

Once you have become confident in the gym, to keep yourself on your toes you may want to start to push yourself out of your comfort zone again. Are you a bodybuilder? Try that Olympic lifting class. Do you Powerlift all the time? Give bodybuilding a shot. Switching up your training not only challenges your body but your mentality. You never know until you give it a shot.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy

Coach Dani


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