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Athletics has always been a part of my life, as I spent 16 years as a competitive figure skater and five years as a figure skating coach. My skating career taught me dedication, overcoming failures, and perseverance. I received the title of U.S. Figure Skating Double Gold Medalist in 2017. As my skating career came to an end, I found a passion and love for strength training.

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I figure skated from the time I was five years old and throughout college. My athletic career introduced me to my love for competition and being active. At a pivoting point in my figure skating career, I realized that to reach my goals, giving 100% percent on the ice wasn’t enough. I began to take off-ice training more seriously, but I found myself struggling to find the correct information about nutrition and how to train my body off of the ice. The pressure of the idealistic figure skating body type, as well as the widely accepted idea of “how to get in shape”, led to unhealthy habits of overtraining and underfeeding my body. The obsession with making sure I was perfect became overwhelming. I feared that I would gain weight and ruin my progress towards my goals if I didn’t maintain this unsustainable training routine. After coming to the realization that my training and nutrition habits were not supporting my health, I made it my mission to educate myself on how to effectively train and fuel my body. Through my fitness journey, I know how defeating it can be to work so hard towards something and not get the results you seek. With proper training, it is truly empowering to feel strong and recognize your progress, while building confidence both in and outside the gym.

As my skating career came to an end, strength training became my outlet to stay active. I’ve always known that helping others with similar struggles I faced was something that I would love to do. As a skating coach, I learned that I love building relationships with people of all ages and that helping individuals learn a new skill or accomplish something they have been working towards is extremely rewarding. I want to help people and athletes from all different backgrounds have the resources they truly need to reach their goals while supporting not just their physical health, but their mental health as well. My mission as a coach is to help people build a healthy relationship with the gym that is sustainable and ultimately sets them on a path to achieving their goals.

I am a Colorado native and graduated from Colorado State University in 2021. I received a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing and Organization and Innovation Management. I also received certificates in Entrepreneurship and Market Research. My education and work experience have given me a foundation to be an effective leader and develop interpersonal communication skills. After working in the business world since graduation, I lack a sense of purpose and fulfillment. I have always wanted to pursue a career in the fitness industry, so I have decided to take the leap and pursue something that genuinely makes me happy. I am currently working towards becoming an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist to provide me with the education to improve athletic performance and develop effective strength and conditioning programs.

Tallia and Brooke Headshots

Brooke Heaton

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