The Pursuit Performance program is an all-encompassing strength and conditioning program that trains you to be strong in all movements and move in all planes. As humans, we were meant to push, pull, squat, hinge, run, jump, carry, and crawl, and Pursuit Performance includes those all! In this program, not only will you get stronger, you will learn to move better and more efficiently. You will gain power, speed, size (in the right places ;)), and you will be more confident in all that you do.

Whether you just want to be able to do things around the house with more ease or play with your kids, impress your peers with your strength, or feel more athletic when you go play sports, this program will help you get there! Each day contains aspects of total body training, but each day has a focus of what your primary movements will be. No matter your job or profession, being stronger will always play in your favor, and feeling good will always help you to be more confident. This program will challenge you, but it will also change you!

The benefits of functional training go far beyond body conditioning. Check out some essential benefits of Functional classes at Pursuit Nutrition and Training:

Increased Movement.

Functional training exercises are centered around improving your movement patterns, rather than strengthening isolated parts of your body.

Improved Stability.

Exercises featured in Functional classes put more demand on your core than a good amount of other fitness programs and classes, thus providing you extra strength.

Improved Posture.

With the amount of core development that comes with functional training, these classes will help your abdominal muscle strengthen, helping you prevent your spine from bending that is caused by sitting for extended hours.

By adding more functional exercises to your workout, you will begin to see improvements in your ability to perform everyday activities. If you are interested in enrolling in a Functional class at Pursuit Nutrition and Training, check our calendar for the next available session or contact us today!