The Next Level of Nutrition – Nutrigenomics

Currently we are at the forefront of a nutritional science revolution. Nutrigenomics is revolutionizing the way that we view personalized nutrition.  By leveraging personalized genetics we can understand how the foods we eat, both macro and micro, impact our physiology at an individual cellular level.    Companies like and are bringing this insight to the masses with their at home testing kits; but in reality we are still only at the tip of the iceberg as to what is possible.   

Now that the human genome has been fully mapped we can further look at the the unique polymorphism that make populations and individuals unique; and can investigate how these evolutionary alterations change metabolic pathways and response to diets.  Furthermore we can analyze the genetic impact that diet has on transforming our genetics and how these mutations can be passed on to our offspring.  Once study in particular fed rats a diet high in corn oil which caused the rats to develop type II Diabetes.  More importantly is that when these rates had babies their offsprings was born type I diabetics.  In summary the food that you eat and the things that we consume not only change our genes but these mutations will be passed on to our offspring.

R Nino-Fong et al 2007 Nutrigenomics, β-Cell Function and Type 2 Diabetes



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