5 Nutrition Tips From the Worst Cook EVER

5 Nutrition Tips From the Worst Cook EVER

What do you eat? What type of recipes do you like? Do you always only eat chicken, rice and veggies? Is cake okay? Is beer okay? These are the most common questions I get asked daily. The list goes on and on.

Starting a habit is a lot harder than one thinks BUT once you create healthy habits, maintaining good nutrition isn’t that difficult. When it comes down to it, find what works for you, but here are five tips to what I found to be successful when it comes to nutrition.


Tip One: Keep it Simple

Over complicating things is the easiest way to sabotage your success. I stick to my basics. I like chicken breast, salmon, cod, sirloin, sliced turkey breast, and lean ground beef for my protein sources. These six proteins can make millions of recipes, but why try to make all of them all at once? Find 2-3 different ways to cook your meat and stick to them. This will help with consistency. If it is easy to cook and you learn to be efficient when cooking it, you will be more likely to stay consistent.


Tip Two: Carbohydrates are NOT the enemy.

Eliminating carbohydrates is not the answer. The answer is eating the right carbohydrates. Eat veggies, fruits and some complex carbs like potatoes, rice, quinoa and oats. Carbohydrates are an important component of a well-balanced diet and our bodies need them!


Tip Three: Shake Things Up with Seasonings

The easiest, most simplistic way to keep variety in my life is switching up the seasoning on my food. It helps change up the flavors and keep your taste buds happy.

A few of my favorites are are:

Garlic and Herb

Dorothy Lynch Dressing

Lemon Juice

Lemon Pepper

Black Pepper

Hot Sauce 


Tip Four: Weigh and Measure Your Food

If you are consistently guesstimating how many ounces, tablespoons, or grams you are eating you will never see results. Our perception of portion sizes and the amount we consume and has been skewed over time. If you actually measure out an ounce of potatoes or rice…you will be amazed to see how much one serving is.


Tip Five: Have fun & Enjoy Yourself!

Yes, you can have fun, enjoy life, and not feel guilty about having a good time. The difference in seeing the results that you want, and falling off of the wagon, is learning to jump right back on track after indulging or a weekend off your plan. This does not mean you need to punish yourself the next day with some crazy caloric deficit and copious amounts of cardio.  Get back to your normal daily macronutrient intake, back to the gym, and use those extra calories to move some weight around!


“Strength comes from within”

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