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Sailor Hubbard


I am dedicated, goal-driven, and professional with a deep passion to help others. By providing, supporting, and educating others about the importance of training and overall health.

Pursuit Headshots & Lifestyle

I began training for sports performance at age 13 and from there I took off not only as an athlete but a person. I grew up playing many sports as I believe playing multiple sports is very beneficial to an athlete. In my later years of middle school and high school, I enjoyed club swimming and golf but due to a shoulder injury that set me back, I had to make the challenging decision of halting swimming for my health. This period of time allowed me to strengthen my golf game inside and out of the gym. Seeing the transformation in who I had become, as an athlete, truly justified the importance of training. I have continually been fascinated with strength training over the years so I came to the conclusion powerlifting would be the right fit for me. Over the past year, I have switched my training from a sports performance/hybrid-based method to more of a powerlifting focused approach and I am LOVING it. I am now a WRPF member and hope to continue competing as I had my first meet in December of 2021. I went 9/9 on my lifts and had 2 PR's which was fantastic. I also had women's best deadlift in a University of Northern Colorado meet in March of 2022 and I am so excited to see where this powerlifting career will go.

When people think of training they tend to associate it with physical challenges but to be quite honest it is much more mentally challenging in my book. The combination of the two has truly brought out my resilience and helped me grow into who I am today. Seeing the physical changes is always astonishing but at the same time, I always strive for better results. I don’t think there is permanently one end goal because in training there are always endless amounts of areas to improve.

I graduated recently from Windsor High School in 2021 ending with a 4.2 GPA and I am currently enrolled at AIMS Community College in hopes to pursue a career in dental hygiene and become a Registered Dental Hygienist through LCCC.

My goal is to inspire other athletes to TRAIN because it is truly life-changing. I want to make a difference in many individuals' lives and go through their journey with them which is why I run the Pursuit Foundations class. I take all kids from 9 to 12 and run them through some of the basic building blocks for sports performance training. From Foundations, they will then move to Sports Performance which I also coach occasionally. My goal with these children is to make sure that they have a beneficial relationship with the gym and an acceptable idea of what a healthy lifestyle looks like.


Sailor Hubbard

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