Welcome to Your World-Class Fitness Gym

Where nutrition comes first, because we are more than just a gym.

Pursuit is a one-of-a-kind, nutrition-first training facility where every member receives custom-tailored nutrition coaching with their membership to ensure maximum results from their lifestyle, training, workouts, and fitness. If you want to finally make a permanent change and/or take your performance and physique to the next level, we are ready to be your coaches.

A healthy, fit lifestyle starts with nutrition; however, the majority of people do not have the resources or education necessary to make this permanent change. As a result, they rely on shortcuts and false, negative information, which only leaves them to repeatedly start over and/or never maximize their potential. Our personal trainer team believes that in order to truly thrive, you must create lasting change to perform optimally in the pursuit of your health, fitness, and performance. You have to make health a lifestyle choice. Therefore, our fitness gym provides complete nutrition coaching, educational nutrition, and training classes, along with group classes, private training, and open gym to all our members.

Join the movement, change your life, and create lasting improvements that are easy to maintain. The Pursuit never stops.


Learn how to lift properly from our elite level coaches. All of our training programs are written just for you & can accommodate all different levels of lifting experience.

Nutrition and a balanced diet are the two most critical elements of any fitness program. All memberships include personalized nutrition and a dedicated coach.

With our 1-on-1 training, you will learn how to exercise using proper form/technique through the guidance of your Personal Trainer. Choose from either our Elite or Premium membership Offers.


Create a lifestyle.