Meet Coach

Katie Schroeder

Dr. Of Physical Therapy & Certified Dry Needling 

My goal as a physical therapist and coach is to educate and empower my clients for long-term success. I enjoy developing positive relationships with my clients, so we can form individualized treatment plans based on personal interests and goals. I believe that by providing education and collaborative care to clients it allows them to understand their body, so they can optimize movement, take their training to the next level, and return to activities they enjoy.


I began my career as a physical therapist in 2018, working primarily in outpatient orthopedics in the south suburbs of Chicago. In 2021, I moved to Colorado to pursue a more active lifestyle. After the move, I bounced around from gym to gym hoping to find somewhere I felt that I belonged. During that time, I felt unmotivated and wasn’t taking my training seriously. A client of mine recommended that I try Pursuit, so I took the leap and joined in on the classes. Taking that initial step and coming to Pursuit changed my life. That sounds dramatic, I know, but it did.  I was instantly welcomed by the Coaches and other members which reignited my motivation and love for training, and I finally felt like I was back on track. I’m excited to now be a part of the Pursuit family and I look forward to expanding my knowledge and skills with this incredible community of coaches and members. I hope that I can encourage others to take that next step in their journey, whether it’s for rehabilitation or to build a healthier, more active lifestyle. If you’re serious about your rehab and training, then Pursuit is the place for you.

My ultimate goal for my clients is to perform activities they enjoy and understand injury prevention or reoccurrence. Activities I personally enjoy are waterskiing, paddle-boarding, swimming, hiking, and skiing (basically anything outdoors)! If you’re feeling like there’s something preventing you from participating in an active lifestyle, then let’s talk!


Katie Schroeder