Meet Coach

Dan Dove


Sports was always something I gravitated towards. For a lot of young athletes, it's the center of our identity. My love and need for wanting to get better and develop was not conducive to my environment, as I grew up in a small mountain town with a limited amount of resources, and snow was on the ground 9 months out of the year. Even in high school I dedicated time to my own research. At 5’9 I was the only player on my high school basketball team that could dunk.


My passion inspired me in my next step as I pursued a degree in Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State University. Throughout my journey I had numerous stops along the way that developed my knowledge of sports performance training, which included the collegiate setting at CSU Football when our current Pursuit Director Joe McKay was on the staff. After that I made rounds at multiple companies in the private sector to enhance my experience even further.

In the fall of 2019, I was at a crossroads in my professional career. After graduating, and needing to make a living, I had worked a variety of jobs to make ends meet. I had always known that the typical 9 to 5 desk job was never for me. When some friends of mine had acquired a sports facility in Windsor, it had no sports performance program in place. I had to make a decision. Be miserable at my current “secure” job at a desk, or take a risk and go all in for what would be my last chance to do what I love to do. I had no assets, no equipment, and no client base. 5 years later and I haven’t looked back. In that time I built out my own space and business, which grew over time to include prominent local athletes, club sport organizations, and even professional athletes and teams. As I reflect back on that time, any success I have had shares commonalities. As a coach who has helped countless athletes profoundly change their athleticism, it has revolved more around the conversations had and relationship built in between our sets, and less about the exercises and training Itself. I am a teacher and mentor first and foremost, and that combined with top quality training has produced excellence on the court and/or field, but mainly bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime with my athletes.

With Pursuit set to acquire the building in the summer of 2024 that I have called home for thelast 5 years, I could not be more excited about the future and the collective vision we all share.

Apart from my B.S. in Health and Exercise Science from Colorado State University, I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist which I obtained from the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association. I constantly pour myself into other resources and continuing education to further develop my skills and craft as a coach.

When I am away from training I love to spend time with my wife Breann, and my two daughters, Emberly and Elora.

My training philosophy has developed more and more over time, and I have become more outspoken when it comes to its misconceptions. There is a ton of misinformation that is constantly fed to young athletes through social media and other mediums. Quite frankly, the “bigger, faster, stronger” mentality is overrated. I am constantly fighting an uphill battle when first working with a new athlete, as boys are mainly training like bodybuilders and powerlifters in their high school weight rooms, and girls are hesitant to push the needle for fear of getting too bulky. Bottom line is that athleticism is a skill, and it can be taught and trained just like anything else. It is not exclusively an innate trait you are born with or without. The foundations of this are simple. Movement Quality/Efficiency, combined with strength, power, mobility, stability, and a growth/learning mindset produces the best results. Like anything else related to athletic success, or fitness, there is no “magic pill” you can take. It takes hard work, but above all else, discipline. That being the case, we may as well have fun, learn something new everyday, and enjoy the journey one step at a time, together. I don’t view these times or sessions as just training, it's something so much greater that I know my athletes and myself will take with them for the rest of their lives. That’s what being a coach is all about, and why I love every minute of it.


Dan Dove