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My mission is to help create a new diet culture where each person I come in contact with feels empowered and educated about how to take their health to a whole new level without feeling like they need to fit into someone else's health box. 

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There have been many times in my life that I have reduced my calorie intake to basically nothing just to fit in a swimsuit… basically every summer from age 13-27. Even though I have coached against this for years I was still living in this world of needing to be a specific body type for summer. In 2016 I prepped for a bikini show and ran my body into the ground to not even compete in the end. I was sick and fatigued every single day because I was not on a nutrition plan that was designed for my body. So I learned the ultimate lesson in practicing what you preach… The minute I started refocusing on adding in calories and balancing life again my health and energy returned. We are all human and I share this story to show you I am just as human as you are and I have made those choices too! So let's work together to create a plan so you can achieve your goals without all the fatigue and health related problems that come from living in a severe calorie deficit.

Over the past 11 years of coaching, I have come to realize that diet culture has wrecked so many perspectives on what it means to be healthy. I made it my personal mission in life to change one person's life everyday with knowledge about how nutrition can change their lives forever. 

A healthy path does not need to be complicated formulas or specific macro counts. A healthy path is breaking bad habits and replacing them with new ones, eating to fuel your body for optimal growth and health, working on mental health habits to cultivate a healthy environment within yourself so you can be living life to the fullest in a healthy body. 

My favorite part about coaching any client is to see the “light up moment.” That moment when confidence breaks through once they have realized that they do not need to be held back by someone else’s definition of what healthy looks like. Health is not just a number on a scale, it is areas of our lives falling into place because we fixed a few bad habits to create an environment in and around us that better serves our own needs. When we tap into this balanced life we become better parents, spouses, friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors. Most importantly we become better for ourselves. You can fix all the external parts of your life but until you address the internal you will always feel unbalanced. 

I have been a nutrition and lifestyle coach since 2011. I started my career in coaching after watching a loved one suffer from stage 4 colon cancer. I saw what poor nutrition can do to a person's body and how truly preventable a disease like this can be. This is when I made nutrition education and coaching my main focus moving forward. 

My coaching philosophy is to look internally to find the root of why we believe we need to be a specific number on a scale, wear a smaller clothing size, eat almost no food. WHY? Why are we choosing to starve? Where did that idea come from and how do we reverse that fear and turn it into a drive to truly better ourselves? Yes numbers are important but if we are X,Y,Z size and weight is that truly healthy? I believe in food freedom, there is a place for all foods in moderation, when mixed into a healthy nutrition plan. That's right I eat pizza and I love 5 Guys cheeseburgers. And are we really living if we can’t have our favorite desserts? Together we will work on finding that balance of achieving goals and enjoying all of life's moments.

First, I educate every person I work with so that they have the knowledge and resources to do this on their own never have to use a nutrition coach again.

Second, I empower you so that your confidence truly shines through and encourages others to take control of their own health as well.

Third, I walk alongside you. Not all the way out-front but beside you. I want to walk with you so that you feel supported and not bossed around (nobody likes to be bossed around). 

Tallia and Brooke Headshots

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