Meet Coach

Cade Dunlap

Sports Performance Coach & Personal Trainer

I was born in Milwaukee Wisconsin, moved to Colorado when I was very young. I’ve lived here for my whole life and expect to live here in Colorado for a very long time.

In high school I was very involved in athletics and made my whole life around football. I was planning to play in college, but sadly I was advised by the doctor to not do so because of my reoccurring head injuries. This influenced me to become a trainer because of how much I love to help people get to where they want to be because I know what it’s like to not be able to reach the goals you want to meet.

My fitness journey really started halfway through my senior year of high school. I was going through a very hard time in life and I need an outlet and something to help me cope with life. I found it in the gym, being able to work out, and put all of my emotion towards making myself better and learning about the human body. This was big for me in life, because without football, I was able to find an athletic lifestyle that I would be able to check all the boxes that I was looking for in life. After I got certified as a personal trainer, I went out looking for the perfect fit for me, something thing that I would be able to have fun with, and grow in my learning about training. I eventually thought back to when I was playing football where I made the most progress and had the most fun with. My mind went directly to  Pursuit and I knew that I had to at least try and reach out to see if I would be able to one day work and train there. When I made an effort to come in and check out the gym again, I was met by nothing but smiling faces and people who were genuinely excited to give me a shot. This place has truly helped me grow as a person and showing me what real gym culture is all about. I am genuinely excited to be apart of the growing culture here and hope that everyone can experience the joy that it brings me


Cade Dunlap