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Mary Lowry


For me, coaching is a beautiful combination of my fascination with movement and health, my interest in analyzing and solving problems, and my love for building relationships with people. I love the energy of the gym - individuals coming together in a space to put conscious time and effort into improving themselves. My mission as a coach is to give you the tools and support you need to achieve whatever transformation you are chasing.

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I became a personal trainer because I recognized the incredible effect that a commitment to fitness had on my own life, and I wanted to help other people achieve that for themselves. My experience with exercise began with a love for playing basketball, then I joined the track team and tried to be a runner for a while. After high school I had no routine and would often force myself to do cardio, mostly because I felt guilty for not exercising and thought I needed to be skinnier. I started lifting weights in college, then created a basic training program and stuck to it. I enjoyed the challenge of the weights. There is something so honest and undeniable about whether or not your body is capable of handling a load. I developed the discipline to show up every day and follow the plan, and over time I watched my body and my mindset completely transform. I noticed myself getting stronger, standing up straighter, feeling more confident in the gym and everywhere else in my life.

I have a deep appreciation for pain-free movement that comes from my own experience with years of knee pain, back pain, and shoulder and neck tension. My first goal for my clients is for you to be able to do the movements that your lifestyle requires without pain. The majority of my clientele have been using their bodies for 50+ years, and most of them have been amazed by the improvements in movement and alleviation of pain they have experienced after only a short time of following a strength training routine.

My approach to fitness is to create a space for every aspect of your health to be included and supported. You might think my job is to push you through workouts, and I love doing that, but the results you are looking for don’t happen in the gym. Your food choices, hormonal balance, hydration level, emotional state, sleep habits, and state of mind all play a part in achieving the physical transformation you desire. These pieces are all essential to creating lasting change, and do not work independently of each other. My role is to help you identify how you’re doing in each of these areas, and for us to work together to integrate healthy changes that will support your mind and body for the rest of your life.

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Mary Lowry